The Perfect Swing: How Golf Can Ease Your Career Change

golf-ladiesThe economic downturn of 2008 left many people questioning where their careers were going and whether they could expect to stay with the same company for the foreseeable future. Seven years later and we’re still asking ourselves these same questions – but what do they have to do with golf? A day on the pitch is a proven method for keeping your career in the fairway, staying flexible, and standing out in the eyes of a potential employer.

Networking and Relationship Building

Golf may seem like a sport reserved for those already in the know, but it is a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the door and make a good impression. For those looking to make a career change, it is an irreplaceable way to make a solid first impression and earmark your place in an employee’s mind. Even if you are just considering a transition, it is a chance to uncover new opportunities and make new connections.

Front-nine Interview

You may be booked to play a round of golf, but the opportunities at your fingertips far outweigh the value of a beautiful day on a gorgeous course. If you’re hitting the fairways with a network connection or a prospective employer, that means you’re guaranteed at least a couple hours to get know each other – but you can promote yourself as a qualified candidate (without a hard sell) well before you hit the 19th hole. This happens in the following ways:

Build a positive association. The good news is that you have a way to communicate and explore a new business opportunity. The great news is that there’s likely no place in the world your colleague, boss, or potential boss would rather be. Depending on the kind of golf being played, you’ll have the opportunity for teamwork, friendly competition, and shared stories – all experiences rightly associated with a good time.

Reveal your personality. Golf is a demanding sport. It takes concentration, consistency, patience, and a hundred other resume soft-skills an employee is more likely to believe by seeing in action. Fortunately, this is the perfect chance to showcase how personable and qualified you are as a person – and a prospective candidate.

The Club House

Finally, actually walking the course is only a part of the awesome nature of golf. After tee time, a substantial amount of time is devoted to socializing and celebrating at the club house. This is further opportunity to develop professional relationships, but perhaps it is even more valuable as a chance to cultivate personal relationship. This is a place for eating and drinking, relaxing, and enjoying the rest of your day at the club.

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