Practicing the Seven Ups

As those of you who follow me know, I am suddenly hooked on the word practice. While most people are busy making resolutions, most of which they won’t keep, I continue to practice my Seven Ups, a topic which I devote an entire chapter to in my latest book, Dude, Seriously, Get Your ASK in Gear! Not being negative, just being honest. quotes The University of Scranton as suggesting that only 8% of us keep our resolutions. YIKES!

So what is it exactly that I practice?

1. Show Up. Woody Allen said it’s 80 percent of success. I concur. Try it. It really does work. You will go places, meet people and write business you never thought possible.
2. Dress up. That’s right. Lose the business casual(ty) mode and dress for success.
3. Listen up. You have two ears and one mouth so that you can listen twice as much as you speak. How else can you learn anything, from your kid, your partner or your client? Listen often. Listen long. Listen hard.
4. Lighten up. Face it. Nobody wants to do business with or hang around with someone who takes themselves so seriously that they can’t find a little levity. I loved it when my newest prospect called me “Dudette”,a reference to how he had heard me at a speaking engagement where I showcased my book and experience as an executive coach.
5. Stand up. Yes. Stand up. Look me in the eye and shake my hand like you mean it. Be somebody I want to know.
6. Speak up. After you hear what I have to say, tell me something I need to know.
7. Follow up. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Make the appointment you promised you would set. Show up at the networking event you calendared. Your client is busy. Nudge them. Call them. Email them.Text them. If you don’t do anything else, follow up. It’s the key to your success.

So do us both a favor, keep on the path to your new year’s resolutions. And if you turn out to be one of the other 92 percent, practice my seven ups. A little here and there, and you may just be on to something great!