It’s that time of year when, even though it is better to give than receive, we all are in receipt of some sort of gift. If you work in a large company, maybe it’s the gift you are getting in the office grab bag. In a smaller company, it may be a bonus check directly from the owner of the company or your supervisor. What about Aunt Sarah up in Maine who sends you that awful fruit cake every year? Doesn’t matter. They all deserve a thank you. In this crazy world of digital communication, why not be the standout human being who takes a minute to write a personal thank you note?

Here’s how:
1) You can buy a box of thank you notes.
2) You can go online to a place like Vistaprint, and print your own personalized notes.
3) You can go to your local stationer and have them help you design an elegant engraved note.
It really doesn’t matter what KIND of note, it just matters that you are taking the time to WRITE a note.

Think about it, thanking someone in this very personal way is an act of giving in its own right. It shows that you have taken the time out of your busy schedule to be thankful, thoughtful and courteous.

Makes the holiday mahem seem all worthwhile.