Susan Ascher, Founder of The Ascher Group, an executive and business coaching firm, recently appeared as a special guest on the Wise Women @Work Podcast titled, “Think Like a Man, Work Like a Dog & Act Like a Lady – A Conversation with Susan Ascher.” Podcast host, Felicia Garland, commented:

“[Susan’s] a one-women think tank. She’s been thinking about the nature of work, careers and living a more fulfilling life for as long as she can remember. In this episode Susan shares her Five Ps for thriving in the “Next Normal,” as she calls it, when we finally emerge from our Covid-19 lockdown.”

Topics discussed in the podcast include:

  • The importance of self-confidence and why you shouldn’t fear failure
  • What she means by “The Pause That Refreshes”
  • Her mantra, “Read to Lead”
  • Pivotal moments in her career and how she seized the opportunities

Listen to the Podcast Below

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