Susan Ascher Joins Elizabeth Gearhart and Marcella Gencarelli for a Fireside Discussion

Susan Ascher joined Marcella Gencarelli and Elizabeth Gearhart for a Fireside discussion on her role as a Corporate speaker, Leadership coach, Entrepreneur and Author. Marcella Gencarelli is the VP Customer Outreach and Events Manager at Lakeland Bank. Founder of Fireside Directory, Elizabeth Gearhart is also the Chief Marketing Officer for Gearhart Law and a co-host of the Passage to Profit Radio Show.

Watch The Discussion Below

About Susan Ascher

Susan’s training and coaching programs have helped countless corporations and individuals raise the bar in communication, leadership development, teamwork and client relations. She has coached individuals and teams for clients ranging from the fortune 50 to emerging growth companies, as well as healthcare organizations, non-profits, and numerous nationally ranked colleges and universities.

About Fireside Directory

Elizabeth Gearhart is the founder of Fireside, a project she envisioned after interviewing many people as the co-host of Passage to Profit, The Inventors Show, on iHeart radio station WOR 710. She learned how to put others at ease and bring out their true selves during recording and filming.


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