Oprah announced this past Tuesday that she is moving her Harpo (Oprah spelled backwards) Studios in the West Loop of Chicago to her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) studios in West Hollywood, California. Her good friend and CBS news anchor, Gayle King, commented by saying that when she told Oprah it was “so sad”, Oprah’s response was simply: “ONWARD.”

So when you leave your job, voluntarily or not, ONWARD. Take it as the silver lining in the cloud. The old “one door closes and another one opens”.

When American Express parts ways with Costco, it’s not the demise of either firm, it’s just a new beginning and a business decision for both.

When the client you have done business with for the last ten years is sold, well, it happens. Go on and find a new one. Or two. ONWARD.

And when your firstborn goes off to college. ONWARD. For her AND for you. Think of all the things you never had time to do for yourself and embrace the possibilities.

There are so many changes still to come for all of us. How we view change is a choice. Is it an opportunity for renewal or a roadblock? Is it an opportunity for success or failure?

Or do we get a little inspiration from the woman who spent twenty-five years building one iconic studio, only to close it and move ONWARD in another? No wonder Oprah’s life is a testament to success, change and renewal. She is always moving ONWARD. So should we!