My Trip to Ireland with LWE, B.I.G. And Other Women Entrepreneurs.

When Linda Wellbrock, CEO  of Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Tara Gilvar, CEO of B.I.G. (Believe Inspire Grow) invited me to join them and Karolina Dehnhard, Liz Swinicki, Terry Tateossian, Caroline Gosselin, and Alex Zetlin to go to Ireland as an ambassador to The Cork Foundation and their women entrepreneurs, I jumped on the opportunity! Not only would we be meeting new business people and vetting a finalist for LWE’s  2014  Entrepreneur of the Year Award, but I would also get to play golf along the way! Mixing business and pleasure and connecting with great folks on and off  the golf course. Doesn’t get any better than that.

On the first leg of my trip I played a great course with magnificent views of the ocean and cliffs called Old Head, and was paired with a father and son who live twenty minutes from me in New Jersey. Small world. Not only that, but my father is a former KPMG partner who used to work in my building. And on top of THAT, one of his former partners is a client of mine, and is actually featured in my  second book, Dude, Seriously, It’s NOT All About You! (Does the world get any smaller?) After a wonderful round of golf and cocktails on the 19th hole, I promised him an invite when we returned to The States. And just yesterday, I  invited him (he accepted) to play golf next weekend with 3 other friends.

Then, on the last leg of my trip, after a round of golf at Doon Beg, I met a potential client who discussed having me staff his “C” suite. Moving forward on that as I write this.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of connecting to be done when we get out of the office. I am not suggesting we have to travel 3000 miles to do so; I am not suggesting we all have to play golf. What I AM suggesting is that there are a whole lot more places to connect than just your standard networking breakfast.

Here are my other pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

It was meant to be!!

Tara Gilvar, me, Karolina Dehnhard, Anne O’Leary, Linda Wellbrock, Caroline Gosselin, and Alex Zetlin.

Caroline Gosselin, Terry Tateossian, me, Liz Swinicki, Alex Zetlin, and Karolina Dehnhard

Comment below and let me know some fun, unusual places where you have made some great connections! It’s a small world and I want to hear your story.