golf-networkingHow Golf Can Help New Business Employees Network

People new to the corporate world may not be sure how to network. They probably have some idea of what to ask, but formal events can leave them feeling intimidated and lost. Compare that image to a game of golf shared by industry professionals. The inviting greens, calm landscapes, and laid back atmosphere can pave the way for new connections and long-term friendships. Successful professionals playing golf is a stereotype for a reason. Consider these ways making friends on the greens is a hole-in-one networking tool.

Natural Connections

Relationship building takes time, and in the business world, a lot relies on a solid first impression. Broaching these barriers in the office can be tricky, and introducing yourself over a bustling morning meeting is not always ideal or practical. However, suggesting a golf game or joining in on one is an excellent opportunity to get to know and bond with coworkers. It also opens the door for more outings (and more networking) in the future.

This casual environment is also why so much business is decided on the golf course. The fresh air and positive atmosphere make negotiations and decision making more relaxed. Plus, even if it’s just a trip to the driving range, participants have at least a few hours to both socialize and get work done.

Driving From the Ladies’ Tees

While golf was once literally a boy’s club, the benefits of this sport both professionally and socially are no longer limited to men. In many cases, participating in the game of golf levels the playing field and gives women the opportunity they need to obtain better professional opportunities. Here are some of the benefits women have uncovered:

Development of relationships and network for business. While this is a benefit for both sexes, women in particular have found that playing golf opens up chances to network and communicate on an equal level outside of the workplace.

Enhanced ability to take risks. Do you play it safe and set yourself up for the next shot, or take a risk with a slice close to a water hazard? Decision making skills, confidence, and focus are critical skills for a good golfer, and they are also attributes women may feel denied in the office. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase theses fantastic qualities.

Staying in the know. Sharing a common interest is a great way to solidify connections. Golf can bridge this gap, level the playing field, and give female professionals the same opportunities for friendship and the potential for continued success.

Ample Opportunity

Book a spot on the next company golf trip. Of course, bridging the gap between experienced and novice golfers and the different levels of responsibility can be tricky. Luckily, there are events available that address these issues and give all personnel the opportunity to connect over this wonderful sport.

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