Thanks and Giving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my loyal clients, friends, and fans! I love the word Thanksgiving. It’s made of of something I try to practice every day: being thankful and giving. Sometimes it’s a thank you for the mundane, like to the waiter who refills your water glass before you ask. Sometimes it’s being thankful that a friend or relative conquered a disease they were fighting. And sometimes it’s just being thankful for all of the things we take for granted: our family, friends, the roof over our heads, our jobs, and of course, the fact that we get to celebrate all the abundance that we so often take for granted. On the other hand, the giving piece might mean collecting food for your local community food bank, or helping serve in a soup kitchen. For others it’s donating time or money to a charity for those less fortunate then we. Think about what Thanksgiving really means and express your gratitude in celebration of this wonderful holiday by thanking and giving to those around you!