What are the Keys to a Successful Job Interview

A job interview can feel equal parts exciting and daunting, but it’s possible to not only make yourself feel more at ease about an upcoming job interview, but also increase your chances of having a more successful one. Job interviews are a necessary part of every industry; hopeful applicants try to secure employment at the organizations that appeal to them the most, and those organizations invest in extensive recruitment and human resource management to ensure they hire the right people for their open positions.

If you want to have a successful job interview, the keys to doing so are research, presentation, and confidence. For a greater chance of securing the position you want, take time to prepare so you can make the best possible first impression with your interviewer.

Researching the Position

Your first step in increasing your chances of getting hired is to research the organization to which you’ve applied. On average, less than 30% of applicants are asked to appear for interviews after submitting their applications. If a company has invited you to appear for an interview, you made it through one of the biggest hurdles facing many job applicants and should prepare accordingly. Take time to not only research the company but also their typical hiring practices, the job description for the position to which you applied, and industry averages pertaining to compensation and benefits for similar positions.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the company’s history enough to understand their values and what traits they’re likely to find most attractive in a job applicant. You can probably find quite a bit of information about the company if you take your time and search through popular job search and recruitment websites.

Present Yourself in the Best Possible Light

First impressions are crucial in virtually any type of interaction. People tend to make snap judgments about a person within seconds of meeting them, so keep this in mind as you prepare for your interview. Even if you’re applying to a laid-back company, dressing professionally for your interview is a must. This shows your interviewer you are serious about your application and want to make a good impression because the opportunity matters to you.

It’s also essential to bring everything you’ll need for your interview in a presentable form. For example, you probably submitted a CV or resume with your application, but it’s a good idea to bring a few hard copies with you to your interview. Additionally, make sure you can arrive at least 15 minutes early. Take time to check the traffic in the area as soon as you wake up so you can leave earlier if necessary. Present yourself as a clean, professional, and motivated applicant.

Build Your Confidence

Countless promising job interviews have taken sudden downturns due to applicants’ inability to find the line between confidence and arrogance. While it’s necessary to prove that you know your stuff and would be a great fit for the position to which you have applied, it is ultimately up to the interviewer to decide how good of a fit you are for the job. Demonstrate your qualifications with confidence; thoroughly researching the job description for the position in advance can help with this. Remember to prepare a few thoughtful questions for your interviewer, but don’t focus entirely on potential compensation for the position.

Interviewing for a new job can be daunting for some people but following these tips can help you feel more at ease about your interview and increase your chances of getting called back for a second interview or hired.

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