What is a Mastermind Group?

By definition, a mastermind is someone with outstanding intellect. Masterminds can be authors, architects, inventors, initiators, organizers, and more. A mastermind meeting is a gathering of highly motivated individuals who want to encourage, and help one another succeed.

A group of business masterminds share a common goal – to improve in their niche. Attending a mastermind group is an outstanding opportunity to experience the skills of others, boost your confidence, and gain access to a valuable support group.

History of Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups date back through history, from The Junto in 1727 (established by Benjamin Franklin) to Nine Old Men – a mastermind group of Disney animators responsible for such masterpieces as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan – and beyond. Today’s business mastermind groups are meetings for professionals who want to receive ideas and advice from other like-minded individuals.

Anyone can attend a mastermind group. People who should attend include those who feel stuck and need new inspiration, those that will benefit from brainstorming in a group setting, and those who want access to a valuable professional support network. At any given mastermind meeting, you may see realtors, bankers, lawyers, engineers, consultants, fundraisers, business moguls, entrepreneurs, and more. All minds come together for the greater good.

What Goes On in a Mastermind Group?

No two mastermind groups are the same. There is no one right way to run a mastermind group. However, there is a typical structure you’ll likely encounter during a meeting – the “hot seat method.” Each person in the group vocalizes how they did accomplishing goals they set during a previous meeting. A chosen member (someone in the hot seat) will go into detail about his or her situation. The group then has the opportunity to give advice to the person in the hot seat.

When you attend a group such as The Mastermind for Masterminds, there is no telling what incredible inspirations and epiphanies you’ll encounter. In a typical meeting, you’ll meet dozens of small business owners, consultants, and others responsible for driving business. You’ll make new connections, expand your network, and build lasting relationships with professionals who want to meet and exceed their goals.

A Member Today, a Mastermind for Life

In a mastermind group, you will help others succeed and achieve your own goals in the process. You will leave with important takeaways, such as ideas for the future and solutions to problems you’ve been stuck on. There is no limit to the things you might learn during your time in a mastermind group. Join one today and broaden your professional horizons.

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