5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Working With a Sales Career Coach

Want to Make the Most of Your Sales Career Coach Investment?

sales-coachWorking with a sales career coach can have major benefits, such as generating greater revenues and building a larger network. To get the most out of your sales career coach investment, you need to understand the ins and outs of career coaching and what your job is as a student.

Find a Coach With a Following

Whether you need to build confidence in public speaking, craft a killer opening statement, or boost your networking skills, the sales career coach you choose makes all the difference. Your coach needs to have the experience and results to back up his or her claims. Scope out potential coaches’ websites, looking for awards or client testimonials to gauge the effectiveness of their methods. The best sales career coaches sell you on their talents—a major testament to their skill.

Choose the Right Coach for You

When choosing a sales career coach, you need to decide what matters most to you. If your top priority is learning how to create a top-notch sales presentation, you need a coach who will tailor your lessons to that goal. Making sure you and your sales career coach are on the same page will ensure you don’t waste time focusing on areas of sales you aren’t interested in and maximize your investment with relevant information. Establish what your end goals are, and find a coach with expertise in that field.

Optimize Communication

An experienced sales career coach will offer a variety of ways to communicate with him or her, including via Skype, face-to-face, or over the phone. If a coach limits you to just one form of communication, it may be a sign that he or she has too many other commitments to give you full attention. Establish what mode of communication works best for you early on (even before the first meeting), and be transparent with your needs. Your coach can’t effectively help you if you hide your requirements.

Ask the Right Questions

ask-questionsIf you don’t have a specific goal in mind while working with a sales career coach, that’s okay. You can still come prepared by thinking of questions that will point you in the right direction, such as “How do I become a better salesperson?” Your career coach will have a plethora of resources to help you nail down what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are and construct a lesson plan moving forward. Clarifying your needs and articulating them in a way that will get results is imperative for using your time efficiently.

Take Notes

Being a good student is the best way to optimize the knowledge of your sales career coach. Your coach might lay the groundwork for a stellar future in sales, but if you aren’t paying attention, the advice is lost. During every facet of your coaching, take detailed notes to use in the future. You can type into a Word document for faster note taking and create a folder online to organize them. Writing down the steps, observations, insights, and other details for success ensures you get the most out of your coach.

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