Go From Good Leadership to Great Leadership

Why Leadership Coaching May Be for You

leadership-magnifyIf you’re in a leadership position, you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to get where you are. But how do you know you’re an effective leader? Sometimes when you’re on top, it can be hard to get honest feedback. Take a look at what distinguishes a “good” leader from a “great” one.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Chances are you landed a leadership role by working above and beyond your job description and taking on more than your fair share. It’s an honorable quality, but in leadership, it’s equally important to have the ability to delegate. Trusting your team boosts its collective efficacy, and it ensures the work being done is high quality. Capitalize your efforts by figuring out what each team member does best, and delegate tasks accordingly. John Donne once said no man is an island, and no business should be, either.

Communicate Effectively

You may have vision, but if you can’t communicate properly, your team and bottom line are going to fall flat. Communicating your goals with your team is an important aspect of great leadership, but so is communicating with the public. This means honing your netiquette, public speaking skills, and speech writing skills. By mastering these communication techniques, you get the public and your team as excited about your vision as you are.

Be Positive and Creative

It’s a painful reality in business that not everything goes according to plan. Despite our best efforts, products flat-line and goals fall short of the mark. What differentiates a leader from a great leader is how you take hardship. Do you throw up your hands in despair, or stay the course for disaster? Exceptional leaders know how to deviate from an ill-fated course and think outside the box for real solutions. They also know how to motivate employees through times of hardship, even if it’s just bringing in donuts or lending an ear. Self-efficacious employees are productive employees – and are more likely to put in extra work when hard times arise.

Radiate Confidence and Inspiration

Wonderful leaders are confident in their ability to effectively lead. Your team takes its cues from you, so if you’re feeling insecure about a course of action, it’ll pick up on it. You set the example for employee morale, so be forward-thinking and as upbeat as possible.

Treat every team member as an equal part of the company. Make each person feel like a valued part of the business, not just a lackey for it. Being forward-thinking is an important part of inspiring your workers, but you should also know when to commend their efforts. By leading by example and praising often, you’ll inspire a more productive workforce.

Display Honesty and Integrity

Being honest and practicing good business ethics should be a no-brainer, but it’s also the backbone of an effective company. If you’re running a small business or start-up, decide as a team what core values are most important to you, and display these in a prominent place. This helps the team feel involved in the business, and it guides your business in an ethical way. Having set core values can also guide conflict resolution practices in a positive way. If your employees know what’s expected from them (and you act in a similar way), you’re more likely to have a workplace with minimal conflict.

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