Wait is NOT a Strategy!

Wait for what? My mantra has always been: be one step ahead of the competition.

Years ago, I had a coach, Patricia Drain, who always used to quip: Susan, I love watching you build the plane while you are flying it. Now, I coach my clients to take a risk and do the same. Waiting, my friends, is not a strategy for those who seek success.

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a potential client who has a great idea for a unique business proposition. During the course of our thirty minute conversation, he used the word “wait” a minimum of ten times. He is “waiting” for his website to be complete, “waiting” until summer is over, “waiting” until he has the perfect elevator pitch down, and “waiting” until he has another client in the pipeline.

Speaking from my own experience, when I was in the throes of selling my staffing business and starting my executive coaching firm, I had the opportunity to meet with the powers that be, of a large, prestigious, healthcare organization. My soon to be defunct website was still up and my business cards stated that I was in the HR Contract Staffing business. I could not wait until my new website was up before the meeting, nor could I conceive of a logo or name for my new company that quickly. So I marched on in with me, myself and I, and only a tightly wrapped presentation.

Three weeks later I got the call from said client stating they thought I was the perfect fit for their team, and I had my first coaching assignment,delivering to 160 of the company’s associates within the next three months. I was blown away, and the lesson learned is: wait is not a strategy. Put one foot in front of the other, start your engines, and build the plane while you fly!

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